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Mask Display


  • What kind of material are the masks made from?
    All the face masks are made from 100% cotton material and laundering before sewing.
  • How often do I launder my face mask?
    Face masks should be laundered after each use. Wash your hands prior to each use and immediately after removing the mask.
  • How do I adjust the elastic?
    Find the knot on each elastic and untie it. Try on the mask and find your comfortable fit. Tie a new knot in that location on the elastic. Mask should fit snug against the skin of your face, but not so tight that your ears move forward.
  • What is the metal side for?
    There is a bendable metal nose piece on one end of the long side of each mask. This is the top of the mask and should be placed on the nose and bent around the bridge of the nose to keep a snug fit. Great for eyeglass wearers that find other types of masks fog up their glasses.
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