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These are our mask-wearing friends. Won’t you join them?

Send in a picture of yourself wearing a Mask Maker WI mask and we'll add it to the carousel of photos. Send to

What’s great about our Masks?

  • Wire nose piece for snug fit—great for people wearing glasses.

  • Adjustable thin elastic for customizable fit—no more painful ear straps or “mask ears.”

  • Side casing provides more adjustment for height of mask—no more sagging sides that increase risk of exposure. Pull the elastic tight and adjust the knot.

  • Optional filter pocket provides even more protection. Simply open up and insert your own desired filter. Virus protection filters are available at Mask Maker WI.

  • Masks are available in 4 customizable sizes: Toddlers, Kids, Adults, Extra Wide.

  • Shop from our Collections: Premium Masks, Sipping Masks, Wisconsin, Hobbies & Interests, Holidays & Seasons, and more. Show off your personality!

  • A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these masks will go toward providing masks for school children in need.

How to Wear a Mask Maker WI Mask

Premium Collection




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